Wild garlic, edible plant


Wild garlic

Ramson allium ursinum allium

It seems that the bears are serving with the leaves of this plant at the end

their wintering.

This is a detoxing, notament for drainage of heavy metals and

chronic skin conditions. It is also an effective regulator

gastro'intestinal system and a powerful dewormer.

Rich in vitamin C and carotene.

Harvest: leaves before flowering stems and flower buds and flowers

and fruits.


To avoid confusion with the leaves of lilies and crocus, who are

toxic. Just simply rub them between the fingers; if these do not feel

garlic it is not wild garlic.

Perennial bulbous, of 15-20cm with a strong smell of garlic with


Leaves basal , length pétiolées pushing directly

from the bulb.

Flowers 6 tepals forming a star grouped in inflorescences

5 to 20 globular flowers of pure white Fruit capsules triangular to 3 boxes with 1-2 seeds each

Habitat: light woods, thickets and shady moist ground floor

a little acid.