Savory lemon grass




citronelle, plante aromatique

Also called citronella other plants very different lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora;

Melissa: Melissa officinalis; and even southernwood: Artemisia abrotanum.

The Pharmacy using citronella oil to repel mosquitoes.

For drying, cut the leaves or stems into pieces of 2-3 cm and dry in the shade between 30 and 38 °.

Resistance cold- Water Requirements: Major in full growing season (May-October) and reduced to the bare

minimum for winter months.

Citronella is very greedy for water in summer; during this period (and only during this period) it can soak

in a cup of water.

Size: as needed.

At the end of winter, we will remove dead stems.

Multiplication : Only by division of clumps. This can be done from May to August harmless to the plant.

Cut the sheets to two thirds and refresh the roots.